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I Am Drooping/Thirsty

This Sunday at church I heard a statement that didn’t really sink in until about 10 minutes ago. The statement was “we are drooping”. A simple statement. The story that went with it had something to do with flowers and it made sense when I was listening to it. But it didn’t hit me in my life until just now. 

I’ve been binging hard in all things Jesus this week. I mean binging hard. I’ve listened to mainly Christian music. I’ve read my Bible every day. I’ve prayed. I’ve watched several sermons. And it finally hit me: I was thirsty. 

I was thirsty for the word so I went to church on Sunday. I got a small taste or drink of water and it wasn’t enough. I needed more so I dived in head first. And the sermon wasn’t one of those Jesus will make a way messages. The message was about a relationship with God and how we keep messing up. #fire

I was drooping because I hadn’t been getting what I needed. I was drooping because I was thirsty. I’m still drooping, but I’m feeling a lot better. 
I’m getting clarity and things are looking up because I’m getting my nutrients (so to speak). I’m still struggling with certain things and everything is not where I want it to be, but the vision is becoming clear.

It’s been on my heart to share more about spiritual health. To document my spiritual journey. To give spiritual health updates. I thought God wanted me to create yet another brand or identity. I even made a logo and everything. (not my current logo)

But right when I was about to launch it, a voice said “This is a part of who you are. This is your story. Don’t hide behind a brand. Don’t start over. I gave this message to you, and I want you to deliver it as yourself.”

I was still on the fence until I listened to a sermon today about simple obedience. Simple obedience can make a world of difference. You don’t know what God has on the other side of simple obedience. 

So here I am. Simply obeying. 

I was drooping, but God has given me living water. Now that I am getting better, He has given me a message to share, and I will simply obey.

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