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When Life Happens, Rest.

Can I be real for a second? Ya’ll, to say that March hit me hard would be an understatement. Bills on top of bills on top of bills on top of personal stuff on top of bills. But we made it…kinda.

What is Rest?

However, the main focus of today’s post is about rest. The dictionary defines rest as

REPOSESLEEPspecifically a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities “freedom from activity or labor

a: freedom from activity or labor
b: a state of motionlessness or inactivity

And boy, did I need freedom from activity and labor.

Why I Needed Rest

My fiance’s birthday is in March. I got a new-to-me car. I had to pay bills I didn’t know I had. I had to help continue to plan for my wedding in May. My mom’s birthday is in March. All in all March was a pretty busy month mentally.

The Decision to Rest

Because it was so taxing mentally, I decided to take a rest. I didn’t have any photography clients throughout the month. I didn’t write on this blog. I limited my social activities. I didn’t go to the gym.

I had been going and going for so long, I forgot what it was like to stop. I was constantly feeling tired. I was stressing myself out about personal projects. I just didn’t feel my best and I knew something needed to change.

Resting is Ok

In today’s world of face moving, fast paced social media. It can be difficult to back away from everything. This blog isn’t that old and I had spent time hyping it up, only to crash a few months later.

I knew that for this blog, and my sanity, to live I needed to take some time off to collect myself and my thoughts. Even though the world moves quickly, it will all be there when you return.


Sometimes life comes at you fast. Sometimes you have a lot on your plate. Even though we don’t always want to believe it, we aren’t robots. We have to remember to take breaks and rest.

I know that I have a bad habit of just disappearing from socials. I’m working on a new strategy to let everyone know before-hand. But my mental and physical health come before social media.

I hope you all take care of yourselves and rest accordingly.

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