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I Turned Off All My Notifications

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You read that right. I turned off all the notifications on my phone, and I believe that I’m better because of it. Don’t get me wrong, I still receive notifications for messages and calls but that’s it. By eliminating the constant dinging and pinging my phone did throughout the day I have seen a few benefits I’d like to share.

Reduce my Screen Time

My job requires me to be active on social media which means I sit in front of a computer all day. I’m constantly starring at a screen. Scientists have already proven that this isn’t the best thing for our eyes, but that’s a problem for future Larry. By turning off notifications my screen time goes down.

I’ve noticed that without my phone constantly reminding me to check it, I only check it when I remember, or am actively engaged in it. That’s to say, if I get caught up in doing something in real life, I’ll actually live in the moment and forget about my phone until the activity is over.

Reduce Social Media FOMO

I’m not frantic to check every email or like or post mention that my social media deems important. I have taken control of my social media experience because I only check it when I know I have time. I’m not afraid to miss out on the latest notification because it will be there no matter when I check it.

This practice is completely against what they’ll tell you on social media. (Turn on post notifications)


However, by removing notifications, I can focus on following the people and things I’m interested in. I can remember to go to their pages and view their content.

A More Tailored Feed

I can’t prove this, BUT I believe that my social feed is better because I’m not constantly interacting with it. My limited engagement with the platforms really sifts though all the content to only show me what I am more likely to interact with. The thought behind this is if the algorithm wants me to stay on the platform longer, they have to have my attention and thus show me things I’m more interested in.

Like I said, I have no real proof, but I believe that this is a small positive side effect.

Fewer Distractions While Driving

As someone who manages several social accounts on several platforms with several emails, you can only imagine the amount of notifications that come my way. The last thing I need while driving is more distractions.

Turning off notifications means that if my phone goes off while I’m on the road it’s because someone is calling or texting me. And since my phone is connected to my car speakers, all phone calls can be answered without checking my phone. This practice has been working for me and I’m sure my driving has benefited from it.

My Phone Screen Looks Good

iPhone users know the struggle of those horrible red notifications. I’m the type of person who HATES seeing those on my screen. By turning off all notifications (and badges). I no longer have to see those red circles all over my screen. No red circles means I’m not tempted to go into the app unless I want to.

Increased Focus

The main reason I decided to turn off notifications was to increase my focus and productivity. It’s too easy in today’s world to be distracted by every little thing my phone thinks is important. Games remind me to play them, socials remind me to check them, news reminds me to read it.

When my phone was constantly going off, I would cave and check it. This often disrupted my train of thought and interrupted my work. It also would lead me down long detailed crazy rabbit holes. I believe that getting rid of that distraction has made me more focused and more productive.

Final Thoughts

I decided to turn off notifications on a whim. I just wanted to try it out, and I loved it. I’m now 4 months in and it’s completely normal to me. Sure I may miss something in the moment, but I only missed it because I was living my life. I’m no longer a slave to the instant nature of cell phones or social media.

I have taken back my time and it has made me more productive. If you’re someone who wants to take a break from social media or email, consider just turning off notifications. It may help ween you off.

If you do try turning off notifications, let me know how you made out. I’d love to hear your story.

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