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Just Start

Just start. Tomorrow is the day. The day to go to the gym. The day to start working on that business plan. The day to record your first video. The day to start your podcast. What if I told you that it was all for nothing?

Waiting for Nothing

What if I told you that another day on the calendar or the start of a new year was nothing? That you could have and should have started your new thing the moment you thought of it. That by sitting on your idea for weeks or months could make you less and less interested and motivated to complete the task you’ve given yourself.

I used to wait until the new year to do things. I used to wait until the start of the week, or month, or whatever seemed like a good beginning point. One day I realized that each day was a new starting point. Every day, you get to start with the sun and end with the stars.

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

The Art of Just Start

This thought alone has changed how I approach any and every idea that enters my mind. I no longer wait for Sunday or Monday or the first of the month. Any time I get an idea, I just start it as soon as possible and the results have been wonderful.

I started my workout regimen on a random Thursday in mid-July. I stared a podcast with my friend on a random Wednesday in the Fall. I stared this blog on a random day some time in November.

While all of these ideas haven’t been entirely consistent, I didn’t waste time figuring out if I could do them. I didn’t sit and ponder and try and give up. I started, figured it out, and decided to stop or keep going. But the most important part of that was that I started.

Figure It Out

Starting when you don’t know anything is tough, but figuring it out helps you stay committed. Learning on the job is the best because you get to learn from any and all mistakes you make. While there may be a right and wrong way to do something, because you’re an individual, results may vary.

When I decided to start working out, I was limited to time, equipment, and knowledge of how to accomplish my goals. I walked into the gym and immediately got on my phone to Google a workout using the equipment I had available.

This blog was started on Tumblr, then Wix, then moved to my photography blog, and now it exists where is is today. When it finally reached this destination, I had about 7 or 8 posts ready to go. Once I came up with a name and color palette, I ran with it.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Get To the Point

Just starting is the best decision I’ve ever made. As millennials, we often deal with over planning, over complicating, and FOMO. By just starting, we bypass all of that and get straight to the point.

So whatever is on your heart or whatever is on your mind, don’t over think, over plan, or wait until the beginning of anything. Just start. Today.

Featured Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash

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