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Millennial Moments #2

As someone who spends a ton of time on the internet, it’s pretty safe to say that I love consuming videos as well. You would be safe in that assumption. This week’s millennial moments are YouTube videos that I found helpful or interesting.

SEAMLESS Instagram Post

First up, this video from Becki and Chris about the Seamless multi panorama Instagram carosel post thing.

There are probably too many of these on YouTube now, but I love Becki’s explanation of what and how to do this. I also just love Becki and Chris’ channel. They vlog and talk photo, video, interior design, etc.

Mac to PC

Next up is Sara Dietschy on switching from Mac to PC. Sara is currently in the process of switching and provides great insight into how to carry over that Mac life into the PC world.

Sara Dietschy rhymes with peachy has been one of my favorite YouTubers to follow. She talks tech, photo, video, marketing and a ton of other stuff.

You Just Gotta Start

This video leans more toward personal branding and self help and growth. I loved everything about this video from the story to the actual storytelling. Henny does a great job with this one.

Henny tha Bizness is a Grammy award winning music producer who also makes techy YouTube videos. You can’t make this stuff up. In this video he details his journey from the height of his success to now.

If You Take Photos and Videos You Should Know This

This video is about setting up color profiles inside the camera before you take photos or video. I don’t have Sony gear, but this video made me go down a rabbit hole of how to apply these practices to my own workflow.

Lucy Martin does photo and video tech and software related YouTube videos. I really dig her content, photo and video style.

Honorable Mention | 12 Things to Do With a GoPro

My fiance bought me a GoPro for Christmas and I thought this video was interesting and entertaining.

That’s all I have for this week. Let me know if you enjoy this or learned something. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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