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Best Places to Get Work Done as a Millennial

As a millennial, I completely resent the idea that we don’t want to work. On the contrary, we are some of the most hardworking individuals in the game. We go to school full time, hold internships, and work in potential careers, all at the same time. On top of this, we juggle social lives, extra cirriculars, and hobbies or side hustles. We want to work, but we realize that we need to work to live, not live to work. We would rather fit work into our lives rather than fit our lives around work. So millennials (and nosy non-millennials) here are a few suggestions when you’re looking for the best places to get work done.

The Library

This one is a definitely a no-brainer for me. When I was in college the library was my best friend when it came to being productive. As an adult, there’s no reason that has to change. Whether you still go to the university library, which is a lot quieter, or you brave the local public library, this space is sure to motivate you. It’s a quiet environment designed for reading, researching and focusing. Most libraries have computers for use and are updated or in the process of updating to accommodate laptops by providing outlets and comfortable seating. I recently rediscovered my public library and am enjoying all the benefits of this great public resource.

It’s a quiet environment designed for reading, researching and focusing.

A Home Office Space

It doesn’t matter if it’s an entire room or a designated corner in your home, a home office space can be a haven for the working millennial. In the last 2 apartments I’ve rented, a home office space has been a must. I just need enough space for my desk, chair and a few knick knacks. Personally, my home office space is where I get most of my work done. It’s set up so that I know when I sit down at the desk, it’s time to work. I know that everyone can’t afford a separate space in their home to use as an office, but if you have the hardworking, this might be an excellent place to start.

A Co-working Space

Co-working isn’t exactly a new concept. It’s basically a space where people come to work on their own projects. You usually have to rent a desk. Some spaces are rented for hours, others days or months. Personally, I haven’t used a co-working space. If I were to work full time as a freelancer, I would definitely look into it. They can be full of other entrepreneurs or like-minded individuals from which you can draw inspiration. If you live in a city, there are likely several co-working spaces so I suggest doing your research before committing to one.

A Local Book Store

If your local library isn’t exactly a great place for you, another place may be a local large chain bookstore like Books-a-million or Barnes and Nobles. These large book stores usually have a small coffee shop in them or places to sit. While it may not provide the same quietness as a library would, a book store does provide access to resources and inspiration. If you don’t mind working in a public place and enjoy being around books and having internet access (usually) then maybe you could try finding a space at your local bookstore to get some work done.

A Local Coffee Shop

Are you even a millennial if you haven’t tried to get some work done in a coffee shop? Starbucks, CC’s, PJ’s the list goes on of coffee shops that provide a fun and interesting atmosphere with access to wifi and a place to sit and work. When I was in college, if I wasn’t in the library, the Starbucks on campus was THE place to hang out and get work done. I could caffeinate, talk with friends for a while and hammer out some work all in the same place. To this day, I still enjoy working from a coffee shop. Besides access to wifi in an open environment, there’s just something about it that makes me feel good.

Although I do my best to make my work area as personal and professional as possible, there’s nothing like a change of scenery. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to the world, or other people, around you while working. Because most of my work is done on a computer, I have the freedom to work from almost anywhere. These are only a few of the places that I enjoy getting work done.

If I’ve missed some good ones, or you have more ideas of places to get work done, feel free to share them in the comments!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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