6 Things I Hate About My iPhone

Unless you work at Apple, and sometimes even if you do, you’ll find something you just can’t stand about the iPhone. Whether it’s design, hardware, applications, or whatever, sometimes, Apple just does not hit the mark. Now before all you android fan boys come rolling over here, this isn’t a complete I Hate Apple post. It’s more of a come on Apple I thought you were better than that post. For context, I’m rocking an iPhone 7 upgraded to the latest IOS. With that in mind, here are the top 6 things I hate about my iPhone.

The Price

If you’ve ever bought an iPhone, I know that and your bank account can feel my pain. While they aren’t the most expensive item in the store, they are usually overpriced. I’ll admit that it seems pretty silly to walk around with a $1,000 computer in my pocket just to seem cool. Most of the times these phones break before you finish paying for them if you’re under contract. That means that within a 2 year period, you’ve basically broken a $1,000 computer.

The Battery Life

Back at the end of 2017 Apple announced that it was true that when you update your phone to the latest software, you sacrifice battery power and lifespan. So unless you’re keeping up by buying a new iPhone every year, you are actually a victim of that technology slowing down on purpose to accommodate the new updates and features.

The Limitations

How many times have you heard your android friends talk about new features or apps that are android only? Yea… I know what the hardcore fans are going to say, “There are Apple only apps as well”. While this may be true, android offers more widely usable apps that don’t require you to remain within the Apple ecosystem. While some android phones can speak to multiple types of devices, most iPhones and Apple apps only communicate with Apple products. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have the money to run out and buy all Apple products, see first reason.

The App Support

Because the iPhone is so technologically advanced and complicated, I’ve noticed that most new app developers would rather make and fix things for Android users before fixing or revealing them to iPhone users. Android users usually get quicker updates and response times for broken features within apps. Sometimes they get features that iPhone users don’t receive.

The Fingerprint scanner/Face detection

I’m going to be honest for a second and let you all know that my hands sweat. If you too suffer from hand sweating, a fingerprint scanner is literally your worst nightmare. No matter how many times I wipe my hands or wipe the scanner, the som-bitch just won’t work. And forget it when using lotion or any other liquid. Sometimes it just won’t work for no apparent reason. I know that the technology is new and all, but Apple should account for people with wet hands, just saying.

The Fragility

For a while, I completely thought it was a trend to walk around with a broken iPhone screen. Everyone had one. Giant cracks from dropping the phone without a case ran rampant on most of my friend’s iPhones. Replacing the screen isn’t a cheap feat either, especially if you don’t want to void that precious Apple warranty. These phones are completely too expensive for the screen to break without it being in a case. Also, I like the phone design and don’t always want to rock a case, but I’m afraid that my new expensive investment is going to shatter the moment my clumsy self knocks it off my desk.

I love Apple. I actually like the iPhone, but these are some serious concerns that I have. If I’m going to bite the bullet on number 1 then I expect the other 5 things be taken care of. I’m actually pretty invested in the ecosystem so I just deal with it, but if I wasn’t, Apple would probably lose my business.

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